FFRF unblocks atheist websites from San Antonio ISD filter (Feb. 16, 2012)

The San Antonio Independent School District firewall provider, Fortinet, prevented students from accessing atheist and freethought websites on school computers, while allowing students to access religious websites. A student contacted FFRF after attempting to view blocked atheist sites. In a Dec. 9, 2011 letter, Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott wrote that this practice amounted to “viewpoint discrimination under the First Amendment because the filter treats information differently precisely because it relates to agnostic and atheistic viewpoints. The Supreme Court ruled school districts may not ban information based on ‘dislike of the ideas.’ ”

The District’s Chief Information Officer responded on Feb. 16, in a memo stating, “Fortinet has taken steps to remove atheist websites from the classification of ‘occult’ to other religious or belief classifications.” The District says that atheist and agnostic websites are now accessible to all students. It is not known what other sites Fortinet blocks for being categorized as “occult.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation