FFRF terminates preferential treatment of religious clubs (March 5, 2013)

FFRF received a complaint from an anonymous student at Dalton, Georgia concerning the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Morris Innovative High School. Administrators were excusing students from class to attend FCA meetings during instructional time, typically 8 am. These meetings included bible study and prayer.

On March 5, Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel sent a letter explaining that bible clubs must conform to the Equal Access Act and must not be given preferential treatment. Additionally, “A faculty monitor to a religious student organization cannot actively participate or promote that organization’s activities or events. It is grossly inappropriate for Coach Doug Peters, acting in his official role as a public school employee, to show preference for religion and specifically Christianity.”

FFRF received a letter on March 19 clearly stating, “… I can inform you that no FCA meeting has been held on campus during school hours at Morris Innovative High School since January of this year; nor will such an event take place in the future.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation