FFRF teaches school a history lesson (January 12, 2016)

Sunset Elementary School in Anadarko, Okla., has taken down a framed picture titled “The First Prayer in Congress” from the school office after receiving a letter from FFRF. The portrait showed members of the Continental Congress with heads bowed in prayer during a September 1774 session.

“This picture depicts an obscure historical event, which makes it seem likely that it was chosen for display because of its religious significance and not its historical significance,” wrote Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel. “This is especially true if one understands the actual history: that the preacher, Jacob Duché, was a traitor to the revolution who fled to England after slandering the Congress he led in prayer.”

Seidel pointed out that the prayer was opposed by the first two chief justices of the Supreme Court because, as John Adams said, “We were so divided in religious sentiments.” By Adams’ admission, the prayer was approved for its political value, Seidel wrote. In addition, Duché was opposed to American independence, vilifying the Continental Congress and calling soldiers cowards. “Is this really a man to be venerated in a public school or ought he to rank with the other traitor of that era, Benedict Arnold?” Seidel asked.
An Anadarko School District representative informed FFRF on Jan. 12 that the district decided to remove the print.

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