FFRF stops religious teaching at W.Va. school (December 1, 2018)

FFRF received multiple reports that Wood County School District in West Virginia has allowed teachers and outside adults to facilitate religious instruction during the school day in its elementary schools. Representatives from a local church reportedly created bible clubs at the school and recruited students at lunch. The bible club, “Generation NXT,” openly admitted that teachers and principals “have stepped up to either start or join an NXT Club in their school!!!”

FFRF Senior Counsel Patrick Elliott sent a letter to the school superintendent William Hosaflook alerting him to the fact that adults had abused their position to proselytize within Wood County Schools.

Hosaflook directed the two schools reportedly hosting these clubs to immediately cease and desist all “Generation NXT” and other non-curricular clubs throughout the school day. The district is also undergoing the process of establishing a new policy for managing school clubs to ensure they remain in accordance with students’ constitutional rights.

Freedom From Religion Foundation