FFRF stops public funds for religious foster care (October 2023)

A Christian foster care community will not be getting requested funds from the city of Northport, Ala., thanks to FFRF urging against it.

In June, representatives from the “Freedom Farm” asked the city to give taxpayer funds to the organization so that it could fulfill its Christian mission and construct a new compound, which would include a chapel. Freedom Farm describes itself as “a Christian home where children are introduced to God using the bible as a roadmap in hopes that each child will develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“While we certainly understand why the city would be interested in the noble cause of supporting kids in foster care, it cannot do so by providing funds to a religious organization that intends to indoctrinate children when they are at their most vulnerable or for the purposes of building a religious chapel,” FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote to Northport City Council President Jeff Hogg.

Thankfully, the city made the right decision. “The Northport City Council has not funded either the foster care project or religious organization that are the subject of your communications,” Assistant City Attorney Chris Cunningham wrote.

Freedom From Religion Foundation