FFRF stops proselytizing principal (Nov. 21, 2011)

The North Lamar Independent School District in Paris, Texas promised to end school-sponsored religious messages at school assemblies after receiving a letter of objection from FFRF.

At an assembly in October 2011, North Lamar High School Principal Paul Allen discussed drug abuse by high school students. Allen recited passages and teachings from the bible, informing students that “Christ died for the just and the unjust.” Allen also implied that “people that don’t have god in their life, and people that don’t believe in something more” are manufacturing or selling addictive substances.

On Nov. 16, FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott wrote a letter to North Lamar ISD Superintendent James Dawson, informing him that, “It is coercive and inappropriate for a school official at a school function to promote religion to a captive group of impressionable students in attendance.”

In his Nov. 21 response, Superintendent Dawson informed FFRF that, “Since the assembly, I have had discussions with administrative staff on the topic and offer assurance that there will be no more school sponsored religious messages at school assemblies in the North Lamar Independent School District.”

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