FFRF stops promotion of creationist ‘science’ (March 13, 2017)

Promotion of false, creationist “science” will no longer be undermining the education of students in the Rusk Independent School District in Texas.

A concerned school district community member brought it to FFRF’s attention that the Rusk Junior High School principal had gathered students in the school auditorium in the middle of the school day to view an anti-evolution video. The video featured religious arguments against objective scientific information about the process of evolution. One such argument was that whales could not have evolved to survive deep water pressures and that, therefore, the biblical god must have been the creator.

FFRF Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote on Feb. 23 to inform the district that it is illegal for the public school to teach students creationism, intelligent design or any other religiously based story as an alternative to evolution.

Rusk ISD Superintendent Scott Davis wrote back on March 13 informing FFRF that the situation had been investigated and the high school’s principal had been directed to cease showing creationist videos.

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