FFRF Stops Meade County School District’s distribution of bibles (Aug. 12, 2011)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation alerted a school district in Brandenburg, KY to a serious offense on June 7, 2011. The Green River Co-op policy allowed Gideons to distribute bibles to 5th grade elementary school students.
Rebecca Markert, FFRF senior staff attorney, wrote to the Superintendent asking that the school district not allow any religious group to distribute materials in the district schools. She also informed the district that they “need not create an open public forum whereby any private organization may take advantage of school resources and a captive student audience to further its personal goals.” The school district attorney wrote to FFRF on August 5, 2011, “…the District has not been historically opposed to permitting the voluntary disposition of Bibles to those students who wish to receive a Bible. Nevertheless, in light of your above mentioned correspondence and having reviewed the applicable legal authority, the District agrees to preclude the distribution of Bibles by the Gideons as requested by your correspondence.”

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