FFRF speaks loud to end prayers at athletic events (July 2, 2014)

Thanks to FFRF’s intervention, prayer will no longer occur at Piedmont High School athletic events in West Piedmont, Ala.

Previously, it was the practice for a Christian prayer to be delivered over the school’s public speaker system before football games. A graduate and Piedmont athletics supporter reached out to FFRF, noting that he found the prayers “very offensive to those who do not share in the belief of prayer,” and that a student should not be “subjected to ridicule for not participating.”

On March 20, 2014 FFRF Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert notified Superintendent Matt Akin of the unconstitutional actions occurring: “Not only is the District endorsing these prayers by allotting time for them at the start of football games, but it is also providing the selected student with the public address system needed to impose these prayers on all students and community members at the games.”

Markert further asserted that, “Public school events must be secular to protect the freedom of conscience of all students.”

Akin responded on July 2 after two follow-up letters: “Beginning immediately, the Piedmont City School District will no longer allow student led prayer at athletic events.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation