FFRF shuts off Christian music station (October 3, 2016)

An Arkansas elementary school bus driver has been told to stop playing religious tunes while transporting students.

A worried parent of a student in the Siloam Springs School District informed FFRF that the bus driver was playing music from a local Christian station for students taking the bus to and from school. FFRF objected to the promotion of religious beliefs through music or radio programing.

“Students on the bus are a captive audience and cannot avoid listening to broadcasts that the driver selects,” wrote Staff Attorney Patrick Elliot in a letter to Superintendent Ken Ramey. “Given the content of the programming and its proselytizing nature, young and impressionable students can not be forced to listen to such programs.”

Ramey responded on Oct. 3 to inform FFRF that strict action had been taken to ensure the bus driver would not play a Christian radio station while transporting students in the future.

Freedom From Religion Foundation