FFRF nixes religion from state event (July 26, 2017)

FFRF has ensured that the Wisconsin Department of Health Services will not entangle itself with religion when sponsoring events.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin (ADRC) sponsored a dementia workshop on June 15 exclusively for faith community leaders. Religion was advertised in a flyer of the workshop, which indicated that Pastor Carolyn Kennedy led the 15-minute opening worship and that it was held in the United Church of Christ in Barneveld.

In a letter sent to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, FFRF Staff Attorney Ryan Jayne requested assurance that future Aging and Disability Resource Center events would not include religious rituals. FFRF also asked that any future events the center sponsors be open to all community leaders, not just clergy.

The Department of Health Services responded on July 26, agreeing that resource centers should not prohibit any interested community leader from attending its informational events.


Freedom From Religion Foundation