FFRF mends violations in Texas school district (October 11, 2017)

A Texas school district will comply with its constitutional duty to remain neutral in matters of religion after hearing from FFRF.

It was reported to FFRF that West Elementary School in Lubbock, Texas, had been advertising a private Christian-orientated prayer rally event, “See You at the Pole,” on the school calendar. FFRF was also informed that the annual Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District staff convocation included a scheduled opening prayer.

On Sept. 27, FFRF wrote to a school district representative, Ann Manning, concerning the violations. FFRF Staff Attorney Sam Grover asked that the district ensure that its schools cease scheduling “See You at the Pole,” or other religious events, on campus. Grover also warned that the inclusion of prayer at staff training events violates the district’s obligation to remain neutral on matters of religion.

On Oct. 11, Manning responded, informing FFRF that the district superintendent undertook a thorough investigation into the violation. FFRF was told that going forward no outside adults will participate in “See You at the Pole” events. Manning assured FFRF that in the future convocation procedures would be reviewed with appropriate changes made to ensure compliance with constitutional law.

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