FFRF keeps “missionaries to the addicted” out of South Carolina middle school (Oct. 25, 2011)

The Chesterfield County (S.C.) School District canceled a student assembly featuring a presentation by a faith-based drug rehabilitation center after a Freedom From Religion Foundation letter Oct. 17 on behalf of a local complainant.The assembly was set for Oct. 27 at New Heights Middle School in Jefferson, where FFRF successfully contested further appearances during the school day by Christian rapper B-SHOC and the planting of Christian crosses on the lawn. The Oct. 27 assembly was to have featured speakers from the Bethel Colony of Mercy rehabilitation facility, self-described on its website as “missionaries to the addicted” offering “a 65-day residential program that teaches victory over sin through Jesus Christ and the Bible.” FFRF received information that a permission slip to attend the assembly, with a warning that “there is a possibility of a guest making faith-based statements,” was sent home with students.

FFRF Staff Attorney Stephanie Schmitt’s letter to David Duff, school attorney, noted that the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against school-sponsored religious exercise cannot be overcome by claiming such activities are “voluntary.” While FFRF understands the importance of drug and alcohol education, Schmitt said, “It is extremely disturbing that the school district would select this facility. There are several other government-run organizations, such as police departments, that are secular in nature and are well-qualified to present anti-drug awareness. “Given the overt Christian nature of Bethel Colony of Mercy, we are extremely concerned that their religious focus will bleed into the message presented at the school assembly. Therefore, we ask that the district immediately cancel the presentation to be given by Bethel Colony of Mercy.”

Duff responded Oct. 25 to say the “Bethel Colony appearance as a school-sponsored event during the school day, involving students, has been canceled.” Duff added that it’s his understanding that the group “is to appear and present information following a PTO meeting in the evening on Nov. 17, 2011.

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