FFRF has OK district remove bible verse (May 2024)

An Oklahoma school system took down a massive biblical display after FFRF objected that it was unconstitutional.

A concerned Putnam City Schools employee informed the state/church watchdog that Western Oaks Middle School was prominently displaying a bible verse in one of its hallways. FFRF’s complainant stated that many employees were concerned about this inappropriate religious display but had not brought it up because of a fear of retribution.

FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote to Superintendent Fred Rhodes, asking the district to remove the bible verse display immediately in order to protect the First Amendment rights of students.

FFRF’s constitutional lesson was well received by the school district.

“Please be advised that, during Spring Break, Putnam City Schools has removed the Bible verse posted on the wall at Western Oaks Middle School,” the district recently responded.

Freedom From Religion Foundation