FFRF halts prayer in high school algebra class

After receiving a complaint from a concerned high school student, FFRF stopped illegal prayer in an algebra classroom in Lenoir City, Tenn. In April 2011, a student at Lenoir City High School told FFRF that he had been made aware that his former Algebra II teacher was leading students in prayer before their final exams. On April 20, FFRF Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert wrote a letter to the Superintendent of Lenoir City Schools, informing him of this violation, saying, “As you know, it is well settled that a public school teacher may not lead, direct or ask her students to engage in prayer.” Markert also reminded the district that voting, or a lack of objection, did not make classroom prayer more legal.

On May 5, Superintendent Wayne Miller responded that this teacher had been informed of the law against classroom prayer, that she had apologized in writing, and that he had taken steps to inform all district principals and teachers of the illegality of classroom prayer.

Freedom From Religion Foundation