FFRF gets religious sign removed from New York public park (Aug. 29, 2012)

Thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a baseball field in Oneida, N.Y. no longer displays a sign that references god.

Maxwell Field in Oneida displayed a posted sign entitled Little League Pledge on its gates. The very first line of the pledge read, “I trust in God.”

In a July 23 letter, FFRF Staff Attorney Stephanie Schmitt wrote, “The City of Oneida should not be using the power and prestige of the department to impose any religious beliefs onto the many community members of varying faiths or no faith who come to the park for secular purposes.”

In a letter dated Aug. 29, the director of the Department of Parks and Recreation assured FFRF, “The sign has been taken down as of Aug. 29, 2012.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation