FFRF gets proselytizing group out of Texas elementary schools (July 30, 2012)

Performances from proselytizing groups will no longer be allowed in Joshua Independent School District, thanks to an FFRF complaint.

A North Joshua Elementary School assembly was hosted by KidStand, a Christian ministry group that stages school performances to convert children to Christianity. KidStand targets children under age 14 “to reach children with the Gospel of Christ before the window of opportunity diminishes greatly.” KidStand veils their religious agenda by claiming their school assemblies address secular topics such as bullying and drugs, but they admit that they perform in hopes that “kids will bring their families to the Community Family Festival where we can teach they can be all they are created to be through Jesus.”

A Feb. 1, 2012, letter from FFRF staff attorney Stephanie Schmitt warned “recruitment for religious programming as part of a school assembly is in violation of the Establishment Clause.”

An attorney for the District agreed in a response on July 30 that the KidStand performance was against the policy of the District, and that disciplinary action was taken. The District confirmed, “this type of assembly will not occur in the future at Joshua ISD.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation