FFRF gets faculty out of Christian clubs in Texas (Sept. 14, 2012)

Thanks to a Freedom From Religion Foundation complaint, a teacher in Abbeville County Consolidated School District, Texas, will no longer be allowed to actively participate in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes student club.

The Wright Middle School science teacher was the Christian group’s faculty sponsor, but actively participated in the group’s 2010 prayer meeting and praised the group’s Christian agenda. She stated in an article on the South Carolina FCA website that the 200-student prayer group was “very sweet and moving” and that at each FCA meeting they’ve had a student come to Christ.

A June 18 letter from Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert warned, “The Supreme Court has stated that public school employees, including teachers, must refrain from actively participating in religious activities while acting within their governmental role.”

An attorney for the District responded on September 14 that the District would “ensure that school faculty understand their role with regard to the sponsorship of religious [clubs] so that no further concerns will occur.”

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