FFRF gets church to take down sign on right-of-way (September 2023)

A Bedford County, Va., church has taken down signs on public property after FFRF took action.

A concerned Virginia resident reported that Impact Church had been frequently placing advertisements on Perrowville Road alongside Jefferson Forest High School. FFRF understood that the right-of-way was under control of the Department of Transportation and that advertisements were not allowed to be posted.

“By allowing church advertisements to be posted in its right-of-way, the DOT sends an exclusionary message that needlessly alienates Virginians and travelers who are non-Christians,” FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote to District Engineer Ken King.

Residency Administrator Todd K. Daniel responded to FFRF on King’s behalf. “We have reviewed the area in question and communicated with the Impact Church leadership concerning Virginia Code related to advertising in the right of way,” he wrote. Daniel stated that the church communicated that they understood the code and would comply.

Freedom From Religion Foundation