FFRF ends school’s violations (November 9, 2017)

After it was reported to FFRF that numerous constitutional violations were taking place at Chandler Junior High School in Chandler, Okla., action was promptly taken. FFRF was informed that the dress code — which had been posted by the school on Facebook — prohibits clothing or jewelry that suggested support of “Satanism.” The school’s principal reiterated this code to students. It was also reported to FFRF that a teacher in the school had a Latin cross on display in her classroom, and that the school was selling official school shirts with an image of a soldier kneeling before a Latin cross.

FFRF Legal Fellow Chris Line wrote to the school district on Sept. 19, requesting that the constitutional violations cease. Line noted that displaying a Latin cross sends a message to students that the district endorses Christianity, as does selling shirts that depict prayer before a cross. This unlawfully entangles the school with a religious viewpoint. Line also informed the district that it is illegal to prohibit students from wearing a particular religion’s symbols, such as satanic symbols.

The school district informed FFRF on Nov. 9 that the cross in the classroom has been removed, the T-shirts with a cross on them would not be required to be worn by band members and the dress code policy has been changed to comply with the Constitution.

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