FFRF ends Indiana principal’s lunchtime proselytizing (Jan 28, 2013)

An elementary school principal in Ligoner, Ind., will no longer push his religious beliefs and judgments on other district employees through religious newsletters and prayers at staff lunches, thanks to the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

A newsletter the principal sent to staff read: “People may be able to take away the symbols of Christmas, but they can never take away the meaning of Christmas; that a Savior was born to save the world.”

FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott called the principal’s inappropriate actions to the attention of West Noble School Corporation Superintendant Dr. Dennis VanDuyne in a Dec. 19 letter.

VanDuyne responded in writing on Jan. 28 that the principal will apologize to his staff and stop promoting religion while acting as the school’s principal. VanDuyne added that the district policy on separation of church and state will be reviewed by all principals at the next administrators’ meeting.

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