FFRF Ends Inappropriate Relationship Between Mississippi Police Dept. and “Haiti Relief” Project

On behalf of an area taxpayer, Foundation Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor sent a letter to the police chief of the police department in Gulfport, Miss., urging him to immediately disassociate from the “Go Haiti” Baptist ministry project, which it publicly endorsed on its Web site. The mission of “Go Haiti” is to raise at least $20,000 to rebuild a Baptist church in Haiti (a country where a vast majority of residents identify as Roman Catholic). Gaylor noted that while the ministry “is free to choose to fundraise to rebuild a church in the face of this national disaster, a disaster leaving millions of people starving, exposed and homeless, the Gulfport Police Department absolutely is forbidden to raise funds for or otherwise publicize fundraising for this Baptist church project, or for any other Christian ministry to Haiti.” The Foundation called the police department’s public endorsement irresponsible and inappropriate. The same day he received Gaylor’s complaint, the chief of police phoned the Foundation to report he removed the “Go Haiti” links from the police department’s Web site.

Freedom From Religion Foundation