FFRF ends elementary school intercom prayer in Louisiana (April 15, 2022)

FFRF’s objection to daily intercom prayer in a Louisiana elementary school has quickly had the desired effect.

A concerned parent had informed FFRF that Riverbend Elementary School in West Monroe, La., required its students to recite a prayer each day following the Pledge of Allegiance. A different child was reportedly selected every morning to deliver the pledge and then the prayer over the intercom. The prayer was described as “Student Expression,” but was clearly a prayer and was delivered to “Father God.”

FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote to the legal counsel for Ouachita Parish Schools demanding that the school cease its daily prayer.

“Ouachita Parish Superintendent Don Coker said the situation has been addressed,” states a story in the local newspaper about FFRF’s intervention.

“The principal knows that we won’t be reading prayers over the intercom,” the article quotes Coker as saying. “It has actually been handled and dealt with. Now I think they do a moment of silence.”

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