FFRF ends church Bulletin discount in Bethlehem (Pa.) (Oct. 24, 2011)

FFRF brought an end to a church bulletin discount at Bethlehem Brew Works in Bethlehem, Pa.

A concerned local resident sent FFRF a copy of a menu for “‘Show Your Spirit’ Brunch!” reading “Bring in the current weeks bulletin from your local congregation and everyone at your table will receive $2 off any of the following brunch menu items!” FFRF Staff Attorney Stephanie Schmitt sent a letter of complaint to the Brew Works on October 17, 2011: “Offering this discount violates the federal Civil Rights Act in addition to provisions of state civil rights statutes.”

On Oct. 24, the Brew Works contacted FFRF via email saying, “I write to inform you that the Sunday brunch discount at the Bethlehem Brew Works . . . has been discontinued.”

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