FFRF ends child prayer in South Carolina school (Dec. 8, 2011)

Clifdale Elementary School (Glendale, S.C.) will no longer schedule prayer during assemblies.

District residents and taxpayers complained after learning that a young child was asked by school officials to lead the school in a prayer during a Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day ceremony. The Freedom From Religion Foundation responded to this gross violation of the First Amendment and exploitation of an elementary school-aged student in a Nov. 17 letter to Clifdale Superintendent Jim Ray. FFRF Staff Attorney Stephanie Schmitt called attention to the illegal nature of religious messages during school-sponsored events.

The school district’s legal counsel sent a letter of reply to FFRF on Dec. 8: “Dr. Ray is aware of the prohibitions on such prayers at school-sponsored events, and has met with the Principal of Clifdale to make certain that there is no misunderstanding about proper protocol in the future, such as having a student offer a moment of silence.” 

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