FFRF complaint ends Kentucky bible distribution (Oct. 5, 2011)

Muhlenberg County Schools in Kentucky will end the distribution of bibles by Gideons International after receiving a letter of complaint from FFRF.

On Sept. 28, a group of men was allowed to enter fifth-grade classrooms at Longest Elementary School in Greenville and distribute New Testament bibles during instructional time. After the distribution, the Gideons instructed the students to “read and learn from the bible.”

Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott sent a letter Sept. 29 to Superintendent R. Dale Todd on behalf of a district parent to request an immediate investigation into the distribution. “The district is placing its ‘stamp of approval’ on the religious messages contained in the Gideon bible,” Elliott wrote.

In an Oct. 5 letter, Todd responded: “The principal was at a conference that day and not present at the school. I have instructed all schools to not allow members of the Gideons International organization to come into the school and distribute Bibles on school property.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation