FFRF brings freethought news to Oregon school (Feb. 8, 2012)

Brush College Elementary School in Salem, Ore., will no longer provide take home advertising for bible club meetings, thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc., petitioned Brush College Elementary School to allow all students to take home overtly religious fliers to promote its Good News Club meetings. The Good News Club is a Christian bible club that meets at the school. According to the filer, students would gain “moral and spiritual training” through “rich bible lessons.” In an Oct. 31 letter to Salem-Keizer School District Superintendent Sandy Husk, FFRF drew attention to the objectionable practice of religious flier distribution in public schools: “Many enlightened school districts across the country have sought to avoid this entanglement by prohibiting third parties from using the take home fliers system all together.”

In a Feb. 8 response letter, the Salem Keizer School District agreed to “monitor the separation of church and State and work closely with our legal counsel in order to stay within the appropriate boundaries established by both State and Federal legislation.” 

Freedom From Religion Foundation