Evangelical Meeting Moved to After School Hours

FFRF received a complaint from a taxpayer and parent with a child enrolled at Live Oak Elementary School, in Valencia, Calif., which allowed the Good News Club to religiously indoctrinate children during school hours. The Good News Club is an Evangelical group that encourages children to “hear the Gospel and learn Truth from God’s Word.” Further, the school sent students home with Good News Club flyers stating children will “learn that ‘Character Counts’ through Bible stories” and there will be “inspiring and amazing Bible memory verses and songs.” In Oct. 2008, FFRF Staff Attorney Rebecca Kratz wrote to the school district’s Superintendent: “By allowing this group to hold meeting during instructional hours at this public school, you are in effect endorsing a particular religion, which is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution.” As a result of FFRF’s complaint, the Good News Club moved their meetings to after school hours, as of Jan. 2009.

Freedom From Religion Foundation