‘End times’ substitute won’t be rehired by school (December 2023)

FFRF stood up for student rights in the Jacksonville ISD in Texas after a substitute teacher spent classroom time preaching about the end of days rather than teaching art. A concerned parent reported that on Oct. 17, a Jacksonville High School substitute teacher proselytized students during class time. The substitute preached to students about the biblical story of Revelation and told students that they need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because “the end is coming.” FFRF Legal Fellow Sammi Lawrence wrote to Superintendent Brad Stewart, writing: “We ask that the district cease working with this substitute teacher.” After the incident, legal representation John C. Hardy of Hardy Cook & Hardy wrote back to FFRF. “The district investigated the situation and concluded that the substitute teacher was inappropriate in his comments to the students,” Hardy wrote. In addition, the substitute teacher was removed from the list of acceptable substitutes.

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