Dress code changed (December 1, 2016)

After FFRF’s involvement, Madisonville High School in Texas has made changes to its spiritually discriminatory and unconstitutional apparel policy.

FFRF received a complaint from a student at the high school, who had been told by the school’s vice principal, Kathleen Golden, to remove an inverted cross necklace and pentagram ring and was threatened with expulsion if he did not. Golden allegedly told the student that he should “practice his bloody religion somewhere else.”

The school dress code had banned attire that could be interpreted as promoting or insinuating demonism, such as satanic symbols. Grover wrote to the Madisonville CISD informing the district that it could not draw a distinction between student religious expression and which religion they choose to express.

On Dec. 1, Madisonville High School Principal Heath Brown called to inform FFRF that the district would remove discriminatory language in its dress code.

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