Dogmatic ‘Courageous’ off school screen (February 13, 2015)

Students at Willow Glen High School, San Jose, Calif., will not be subjected to future screenings of the Christian movie “Courageous.”

A math and science teacher showed the movie to students, boasting on social media that his students “are hearing the Gospel as direct as if I were preaching it to them on the streets.”

The plot focuses on four police officers who resolve to honor God and be better fathers after one of their daughters is killed. The “Critics Consensus” on the rating site Rotten Tomatoes says, “While the filmmaking is fairly competent, ‘Courageous’ is overall worthless to anybody who doesn’t subscribe to its dogmatic agenda.”

Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel sent a Feb. 13 complaint letter. An attorney for the school district confirmed on May 4 that “Courageous” would not be shown again.

Freedom From Religion Foundation