District to no longer teach religious song (January 10, 2022)

Children at a Texas elementary school are no longer being proselytized by their music teacher after FFRF intervened.

A parent had reported that a music teacher at Frostwood Elementary in Spring Branch ISD taught a religious prayer song in sign language to first-grade students. The parent’s child signed and sung a prayer before dinner after which our complainant learned that she was taught the prayer at school by the school’s music teacher.

FFRF let Superintendent Jennifer Blaine know that “Thank You For The World So Sweet” is an incontrovertible prayer.

FFRF Attorney Chris Line wrote in a letter to the school district that “No public school employee may urge religious points of view on students.”

General counsel for the school district responded to Line by saying “Though the song is in a state-approved textbook, the textbook is outdated (from 2006), so the teacher agreed to discontinue the use of the outdated textbook.”

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