Displays removed from clerk’s office in Tenn. (August 26, 2022)

A concerned Rutherford County (Tenn.) resident contacted FFRF regarding religious messaging on display in the county clerk’s office. The resident reported seeing the phrase “He is Risen” displayed on an employee’s glass partition. Additionally, behind the counter, there was a sign displayed on the wall facing customers that read, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

“By displaying religious messages in the County Clerk’s office, you send an exclusionary message to non-Christians, including the almost 30 percent of the population who are not religious,” FFRF Legal Fellow Karen Heineman wrote to Rutherford County Clerk Lisa Duke Crowell. “It is inappropriate and needlessly divisive to send a message that alienates a significant portion of your constituency, effectively turning them into political outsiders.”

A response from legal counsel notified FFRF that the issue has been resolved. Attorney Nick C. Christiansen wrote, “Please be advised that the items described in your letter have been removed.”

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