Cross removed from science classroom at middle school (June 10, 2014)

Simmons Middle School in Birmingham, Ala., removed artwork depicting a Christian cross displayed outside a science classroom after receiving a complaint from FFRF. A district family contacted FFRF, noting that the painting of the cross was next to a wall with motivational posters, not with student artwork. FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel sent a letter addressing the violation:

“Public Schools have a constitutional obligation to remain neutral toward religion. When a school puts up a Christian cross it has unconstitutionally entangled itself with a religious message, specifically a Christian message. Such a practice alienates those non-Christian students, teachers, and members of the public whose religious beliefs are inconsistent with the message being promoted by the school.”

On June 10, the district’s attorney confirmed that the display was removed immediately after receiving FFRF’s letter.

Freedom From Religion Foundation