County board nixes Ten Commandments monument proposal

The Madison County Board of Commissioners (Florida) received an urgent letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation on the day of its June 15 meeting asking commissioners to vote down a proposal to display a large Ten Commandments monument on public property. The Madison County Ministerial Association offered to donate and erect this permanent religious monument on the lawn of the Madison County Courthouse. Rebecca Markert, Foundation staff attorney, warned that displaying the Ten Commandments in a prominent location on county property “would violate not only basic constitutional principles prohibiting the government from advancing, promoting or endorsing religion over nonreligion, but also the freedom of conscience of residents in your community who do not adhere to this religious dogma.” She recommended placing the monument more appropriately on private property. According to the Madison County Carrier, one pastor who spoke on behalf of the Madison County Ministerial Association stated that the Ten Commandments were the basis for our laws. The board correctly voted down the proposal 3-to-2.

Freedom From Religion Foundation