Counselor will no longer lead graduation prayer (September 21, 2021)

A concerned Iberville Parish Schools (La.) community member has reported multiple instances of religious promotion through a teacher-led prayer at a graduation ceremony and a speech given by a preacher that invoked Christian scripture and called on the Christian god at White Castle High School.

These activities go against the Constitution and can alienate students, parents and teachers who are not Christian, FFRF Staff Attorney Christopher Line wrote to Superintendent Arthur M. Joffrion. Line urged him to no longer host baccalaureate services and discontinue scheduling prayer at future school-sponsored activities.

Joffrion responded to FFRF to report that he had spoken with White Castle High School’s principal to remind him that the school has certain obligations under the First Amendment. He also specifically let the principal know that the scheduled prayer and holding of any religious school events are unacceptable under the Constitution.

Freedom From Religion Foundation