Christian worship band won’t perform at city-sponsored events anymore (June 19, 2018)

FFRF reminded a Colorado city mayor that scheduling a Christian worship band to perform at city-sponsored events poses a serious violation of constitutional separation of state and church. On April 20, FFRF’s Christopher Line wrote Marc Williams, mayor of Arvada, Co., about the city’s regular scheduling of Christian worship band, Renewed Music Ministries.

An Arvada resident reported that the city invited the band to perform at the annual Arvada Kite Festival. The complainant reported that the band played almost exclusively Christian music and the members actively discussed their religious beliefs on stage. Renewed Music Ministries was the only band to perform at the event and was also scheduled to perform at the annual Arvada Days event in September.

On June 19, Rachel Morris, deputy city attorney for Arvada, wrote to FFRF to confirm that the city does not “plan in the future, to engage Renewed for performances at city-sponsored events.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation