Christian message replaced in Md. school (July 11, 2017)

Thanks to FFRF, an elementary school in Frederick, Md., has agreed to expunge a proselytizing message to its students.

A concerned local resident informed FFRF that Lincoln Elementary had been displaying a religious sculpture in its foyer that had been donated by a Rotary Club. The sculpture was in the shape of a key and included printed advice to students to “be good Christians.” FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott sent a letter on June 21 to the Frederick County Public Schools superintendent objecting to the overt promotion of Christianity on behalf of the school and asking that the sculpture be modified to remove the message.

A representative of the school district responded on July 11 informing FFRF that the principal of Lincoln Elementary school had been advised to remove the word “Christians” from the message. It now contains a secular message to “be good.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation