Christian commencement handouts stopped at high school (June 21, 2018)

FFRF has stopped Christian commencement handouts at Hicksville High School in Hicksville, Ohio. FFRF’s Christopher Line wrote to Keith Countryman, superintendent of Hicksville Exempted Village School, on May 31 to issue a complaint about a religious packet distributed to students during the high school’s commencement practice.

A concerned student notified FFRF about the constitutional violation, reporting that every graduating student received a packet containing materials that promoted Christianity, including a copy of “Evolution vs. God,” an anti-evolution film and a religious tract titled, “Are you a Good Person?” The packet also included a letter titled, “Hicksville High School Class of 2018,” which included religious messages and a bible verse.

An attorney representing the school contacted FFRF on June 21 to communicate that FFRF’s concerns had been addressed by the school and no such illegal action will be taken or allowed by the Hicksville school district in the future.

Freedom From Religion Foundation