Choir performances will not be held in a church (June 29, 2018)

A concerned resident alerted FFRF to a constitutional violation at a high school in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

A joint concert between the Northwest High School choir and the Central Presbyterian Church choir, which took place at a church and included religious music, was described by Northwest vocal teacher and organist at Central Presbyterian Church as a “culmination of spiritual, musical and theological union.”

FFRF’s Patrick O’Reiley Legal Fellow Christopher Line wrote to Northwest Local Schools’ Superintendent Michael Schreffler on June 5 requesting assurance that the school choir will no longer participate in the religious performances at the church.

General counsel for the Northwest Local Board of Education, Mary Jo Shannon Slick, responded to FFRF on June 29 confirming that the board has reviewed FFRF’s concerns and will not be holding choir performances in a church in the future.

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