Cereal killer: City ends ties to prayer breakfast (October 27, 2018)

The city of Noblesville, Ind., has separated itself from a prayer breakfast after FFRF pointed out the unconstitutionality of a city-sponsored religious event.

A concerned Noblesville citizen contacted FFRF to report that Mayor John Ditslear had, in his official capacity, sponsored, promoted and participated in a prayer breakfast. The self-described “prayer and worship service” included the community’s “men and women of faith glorifying God and asking his blessing on our community, schools, families, public services and churches.”

Judge Steven R. Nation was the keynote speaker and shared “how faith has guided his life.”

The mayor’s official Twitter account was reportedly used, in addition to the city’s website, to promote this religious event.

FFRF Staff Attorney Ryan Jayne sent a letter to the mayor asking that the city cease promotion and coordination of this prayer breakfast.

FFRF received a response email from the Mayor’s Office stating that the city has “taken steps that will take the city out of the prayer breakfast. The 2019 prayer breakfast will be hosted by a local nonprofit who will manage the entire event. City funds have not been used for this event.”

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