Bible readings, posters removed from school (January 13, 2016)

After FFRF stepped in, Alabama’s Blount County Schools has stopped having students read a bible verse over the PA each morning.

“A daily bible reading, even by a student, violates the Constitution,” said FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel in his Jan. 7 letter to the school district’s attorney.

In addition, religious messages were regularly posted on the school walls. In response, some freethinking students put up posters saying “God’s not real,” which were torn down and replaced with further religious posters. “Given the law, and the acrimony caused by this poster battle, the prudent course is to remove all religious and irreligious posters from the school,” wrote Seidel.

FFRF’s complainant reported on Jan. 13 that the bible readings had stopped and all religious posters were removed. In addition, after students proposed a secular club, the school took the drastic move of banning all non-curricular clubs. In response, students started a science club.

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