Baccalaureate removed in Georgia (April 11, 2019)

A concerned Henry County (Ga.) Schools employee reported that Union Grove High School organizes, endorses and advertises a baccalaureate for its seniors each year. Faculty members reportedly often speak at the event and met with students during the school day to organize it. The event was advertised on both the school’s website and on a calendar of senior events.

Line wrote to the district, expressing FFRF’s constitutional concerns about the public school-sponsored baccalaureate programs.

“The district’s role in advertising and promoting these baccalaureate programs, along with official teacher and administrator participation in organizing these events, would cause any reasonable graduating senior or parent to conclude that the district endorses the religious messages espoused at these services,” Line wrote in his letter to Superintendent of Henry County Schools Mary Elizabeth Davis.

The district’s legal representation discussed the issues with school officials and the event has been removed from the list of senior events for graduation.

Freedom From Religion Foundation