Alabama school cancels prayer service (August 6, 2018)

FFRF has put a stop to a community prayer service planned on Randolph County, Ala., school system grounds. Woodland High School and Woodland Elementary School planned on hosting a “community prayer service” on Aug. 5. A Facebook post by a counselor at Woodland High School invited all “parents, students and community members” to attend this religious event.

On July 20, FFRF Legal Fellow Christopher Line wrote to Superintendent John Jacobs to ensure that this prayer service is privately organized, not endorsed by the school district, and that the district was not providing any preferential treatment to the event’s organizers.

On July 31, Donald Sweeney, attorney for Randolph County Schools, wrote to FFRF to announce that, “The community prayer meeting . . . will not be held at the Woodland Schools.”

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