The Pledge of Allegiance


Taking the Pledge
By Anne Nicol Gaylor
Brief history of the Pledge, September 1983

Amicus Curiae Brief by FFRF
Filed on the Pledge of Allegiance case, February 2004

David Vs. Goliath
By Michael Newdow
An update on the Pledge of Allegiance case. This speech was delivered at the Foundation’s 26th annual convention, December 2003

Pledging Allegiance to the Constitution
By Michael Newdow
Pledge plaintiff Michael Newdow’s speech to FFRF convention, November 2002

Pledge Furor Provokes Pious Patriotism
By Annie Laurie Gaylor
Local school board wrestles with the Pledge of Allegiance, November 2001

The Origin and Meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance
B Ken Lynn
Freethought Today, May 1999

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