Secret of Longevity: "Laugh a Lot"

Freedom From Religion Foundation member Clara Carlson of Washington State is 96, and her husband Ralph is 100. The Peninsula Daily News recently ran a feature story about the long-lived couple, who have been married for more than 75 years. When asked her secrets to longevity and a long marriage, Clara replied:
"Drink lots of champagne, eat lots of chocolate, and laugh a lot."
"Everything we do is a partnership," Ralph told the newspaper.
Clara also credited the "miracles of modern medicine" with helping Ralph survive four cancers, two heart attacks and two bouts with pneumonia.
They have three daughters, nine grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.
Both have longevity in their genes, and stayed physically and mentally active after retirement. Home health and chore service workers have enabled them to keep living at home.
Clara remains active in freethought, humanist and feminist causes.
She had planned to travel to a recent FFRF national convention, but had to cancel the trip to help celebrate her daughter's 50th wedding anniversary.

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