Prolonging dying is a religious idea

By Anne Nicol Gaylor

To insist that someone who is suffering from a terminal illness must endure pain and anguish is not civilized. Sustaining life for a terminally ill or comatose patient has become the new religious inquisition.

Our society frowns on the suffering of animals. We do not force an animal with an incurable disease to keep living in pain--"to put an animal out of its misery" is acceptable in our society--indeed, it is regarded as kind and humane.

But suffering humans do not rate! Their wishes are not a factor. Human life at all costs is mandated by religious people.

Anyone who ever has had Sodium Pentothal for surgery knows it would be an easy way to leave the world. One second you're here--the next, painlessly, you are gone. Why should people have to drag themselves to outbuildings and literally blow out their brains when acivilized, humane death is possible?

Prolonging dying frequently enriches nursing homes and hospitals and their staffs. But it decimates loved ones who stand by helplessly. It is needless.

Those who wish to die painfully by degrees now have that option. Those who wish to die painlessly, at an appointed time, should have that right.

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