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Pictured on this page: Samples of a rash of letters sent to Foundation president Anne Gaylor by disgruntled supporters of the Liberty Counsel, which recently reprinted a copy of Anne's polite, uninflammatory, 4-line letter protesting a longterm "God Bless America" marquee at a Wisconsin school. The rightwing anti-Establishment Clause group, which has worked with local governments to fight Foundation litigation in the past, reprinted the letter as a fundraising tactic. The wording was removed from the marquee, incidentally. Below are emails received in early February on other issues. Foundation staffer Annie Laurie Gaylor appeared (briefly) in a news segment on Fox News Channel about the Foundation's winning federal lawsuit challenging "faith-based funding" of Faith Works. Others were sent to Dan Barker and the Foundation office by disgruntled Tennessee Christians, following the Foundation's legal victory in February ending bible instruction in Rhea County (Dayton) public schools. The emails are reprinted verbatim including spelling errors. (These emails do not say a lot for Fox News viewership or Liberty Counsel membership.) An anonymous greeting from Kentucky This letter above, threatening "my rifle is loaded," was apparently sent from a Liberty Counsel follower in Michigan. This racist response was sent to us from a man in Texas who is on the Liberty Counsel mailing list. Subject: "Heritage, Not Hate" Miss Gaylor, Your so called win against Faith Works may be a win for your heathen organization, but surely not for the recipients who have been helped by that organization. I'm not as religious as I should be, but I find you and your group of Satan worshiping scum not worthy of the freedom this country provides. Why don't you and your band of anti-God whackos move to China where you won't have to deal with religion? We don't need freedom from religion, but rather freedom from anti-religious and Satanic organization like yours. I find you worse than a whore. JS Bangor, Me. (The email included a waving, full-color confederate flag.) Subject: on your victory I am dissappointed in the view that taking away state funds from Faith Works was a great victory. But soon you will see it as your greatest loss. When your group stands in front of God and Jesus you will see the errors of your ways. When this country was first founded by those who are religious, there was no seperation from God. Your stand on this issue will bring you judgement from God. I am not telling you this will happen, but God can very well take away all of your finances. Your donors can very well stop giving your organization money. You soon could be investigated by gov and lose all that you got. Your personal lives may get up ended where you lose your jobs. When God works not one of us can stop Him. But the worse thing that can happen to you is on Judgement Day God says to you "I do not know you" and you spend eternity away from God. I pray you chose differently. Rev. Gregg Ander Subject: no Guts!?!? From: "F. Steve Troy" If you folks show some GUTS you might "bite-the-bullet" and call yourselves, Freedom from God. God will not bother to stop you in your quest but you can be MOST sure He will allow you to go all-the-way without Him and you and SATAN will go together. You might consider saying, SATAN bless us . . . and he WILL. Satan bless you all!!! From: "Chris McLeod" Please die and go to hell. From: "AJ Hidell" Hello, cheese-eating scumbags: You remind me of the night-riders of the 1960's, coming south in masks and hoods to commit your predations. In case you haven't noticed, the nation has rediscovered it's Christian roots, and it'll be a cold day in hell before we yield willingly to the precious mercies of liberal minions of secular humanism like you again. We put up with forty years of your crap, and it's OVER. Get used to it. P.S.: COWARDS, put your stinking real names on lawsuits. Subject: If you don't like Christianity. . . . . . Then why don't all of you leave America, this country was founded by Christians for Christians. And if you don't like it then go to a Godless heathen nation that agrees with your retard tinged philosophy. Their are way more of us Christians than you losers. Their is NO separation of church and state and you heathens will lose. Thankfully you are old and I hope you get a painful disease like rectal cancer and die a slow painful death, so you can meet your God, SATAN . . . . . . Subject: death From: Dave & Becky Freeman I will pray for the Lord of Lords to deliver you and all who spew your filth unto HIM. To cause a child to stumble with your words will surely lead to discrase and shame will follow you and your seed. Subject: Sickening To: Dan Barker You will never learn will you? God will soar His hand down and punish you for your actions in Chatanooga, Tennessee. America is indeed a Christian nation . . . God is surely angered. You will pay, and when you do, may God have mercy on your souls. From a high school student in Dayton Hey dude this freedom from religion thing sux, I live in dayton tn and i go to rhea county high school and GOD is the american father and god never loses he will strike you guys down So you fags and dykes take it easy and watch where you go cuz whenever you least expect it god will get you

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