While a ministerial student at old Howard College, I heard a piece of wisdom that has stuck with me: Be wary of preachers whose sermons never stray far from the sins of adultery and fornication. They have illicit sex on the brain.

--History Prof. Wayne Flynt

Auburn University

"Are you voting with me, Jesus?"

Birmingham News

(Feb. 13, 2000)


To see the gods dispelled in mid-air and dissolve like clouds is one of the great human experiences.

--Wallace Stevens

"Two or Three Ideas," 1951

Charles Norman's Poets on Poetry

(Free Press, 1962)

(Submitted by Dudley Duncan)


Our conviction about what is natural or right should not inhibit the role of science in discovering the truth--rather it should inform our judgment about the implications and consequences of the truth science uncovers.

--Tony Blair, British Prime Minister

European Bioscience Conference

(Associated Press, Nov. 18, 2000)


The laws about why discrimination [against gays and lesbians], even revulsion and hatred, are justified have begun to fall away. What remains is largely inchoate, or biblical.

--Columnist Anna Quindlen

(Sept. 10, 2000)

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