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Vol. 29 No. 2

March 2012

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Overheard: Theocracy Alert

Any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.
Amendment proposed by state Sen. Constance Johnson to protest Oklahoma’s “fetal personhood” bill
The Guardian, 2-9-12

WWJF: Where Would Jesus Frack?
Hand-sewn patch worn by Leah Schade, United in Christ Church pastor, opposing a Pennsylvania drilling bill
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1-18-12

Are Quakers, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other pacifists exempt from taxes that pay for war and weapons? Can Scientologists, who abhor psychiatry, deduct the costs of the National Institute of Mental Health? As an atheist, a feminist, a progressive, I ante up for so much stuff that violates my conscience, the government should probably pay me damages. Why should the bishops be exempt from the costs of living in a pluralistic society?
Forced to choose between God and man, choose women. This time round, let women’s health be about women’s health.
Columnist Katha Pollitt, “Obama Stands Up to Bishops, Finally”
The Nation, 1-31-12

What if organizations affiliated with Jehovah’s Witnesses insisted on health insurance that did not cover blood transfusions? What if ultraconservative Muslim or Jewish organizations objected to health care except at sex-segregated clinics? . . . If we have to choose between bishops’ sensibilities and women’s health, our national priority must be the female half of our population.
Columnist Nicholas Kristof, “Beyond Pelvic Politics”
New York Times, 2-12-12

The Catholic church wants its women silent and subservient, and they most likely believe that if they double down on that insistence, God will reward them for their faithfulness by making their demographic problems go away. (The church’s absolute refusal to give up its archaic prejudices, even while the rest of the world advances morally, is one of the most potent weapons atheists have.)
Columnist Adam Lee, “The Catholic Crackdown on Feminism”, 1-27-12

These institutions, as well as Catholic universities — not seminaries, but colleges and universities whose doors are open to all — are full participants in the public square, receiving a steady stream of federal dollars. They assert — indeed, have earned — the right to the same benefits that flow to their secular peers. What they now claim is a right to special treatment: to conscience that trumps law.
Legal commentator Linda Greenhouse, on Catholic opposition to insurance coverage for birth control
New York Times, 2-9-12

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